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Mandy, Patsy (my mother), and Junior (my dad) had all helped fill in the blanks as Mandy's and my true relationship was revealed to our children, for the first time. "After all, I know it had to be a real shock to them, findin' out about us." "Why do you say that? "After all, those kids have all been raised seein' the strong, deep, love you two have for each other, displayed all the time.Not only that, they've always felt the love both o' you have, for them.You've always tried to raise 'em to be honest and truthful, and you really showed 'em honesty and truthfulness today." "He's right, Baby," Mom interjected.

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By Taylor Chase, Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.

"To be honest, Mike, I'm extremely proud o' you, for wantin' them to know y'all's history.

I honestly think, in the long run, it'll pay big dividends for you.

The way that most of the characters speak, and some of their colloquial expressions may sound a bit strange, but I grew up in East Texas, where this story takes place, and I've tried to reproduce the dialect that is common to that area. It had been an event filled day, even more so after all the guests had departed for their homes.

All four of our children had expressed surprise at being requested to hang around for some time alone with Mandy and me, and their grandparents on my side, after the party ended.

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